Understanding Common Spinal Conditions Requiring Surgery

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Spinal conditions can be a source of significant discomfort and reduced quality of life. While many spine issues can be managed through non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy and medication, some conditions may eventually require surgical intervention. In this blog post, we will delve into some of the common spinal conditions that may necessitate surgery and explore the reasons behind surgical recommendations.

Disc Herniation

One of the most prevalent spinal conditions that often leads to surgery is a disc herniation. Intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, but they can become damaged over time. A herniated disc occurs when the outer layer of the disc (annulus fibrosus) weakens or tears, allowing the inner gel-like substance (nucleus pulposus) to protrude or leak out.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the spinal canal, which can put pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. This condition often occurs in the neck (cervical stenosis) or lower back (lumbar stenosis).

Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis is a condition characterized by an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. While not all cases require surgery, surgical intervention may be necessary for severe curvature or progressive deformity, especially in adolescents or adults.


Understanding common spinal conditions that may require surgery is essential for individuals dealing with back and neck issues. While surgery is not always the first option, it becomes necessary when conservative treatments fail to provide relief, when there is a risk of neurological deficits, or when the condition significantly impairs one's quality of life.

If you're facing any of these spinal conditions and considering surgery, it's crucial to consult with a qualified spine specialist like Dr. Remi Ajiboye at Minimally Invasive Spine & Orthopedics. He can assess your specific situation, discuss the potential benefits and risks of surgery, and help you make an informed decision to improve your spine health and overall well-being. Remember that early diagnosis and intervention often lead to better outcomes, so seek professional care if you suspect a spinal issue.

Dr Remi Ajiboye is a minimally invasive spine specialist serving Torrance, El Segundo, Long Beach, and the surrounding communities of South Bay, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Lomita, San Pedro, Carson, Lawndale, Gardena, Hawthorne, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Inglewood, Ladera Heights, South Gate, Lynwood, Compton, Los Alamitos, Westminster, Garden Grove, Lakewood, Cerritos, Bellflower, Downey, Paramount, Bellflower, Norwalk, Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Tustin, Fullerton, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and greater Los Angeles county and Orange County. Contact Remi Ajiboye, MD, online or over the phone to set up an appointment.

Remi Ajiboye MD Remi Ajiboye MD Remi M. Ajiboye M.D. is a spine specialist who is trained in non-surgical and surgical management of spine conditions. He has advanced training in minimally-invasive spine surgery and complex spinal reconstruction.

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